Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hi Mingrou, I think only a hardcore tea fan like you can take bitter green tea without sugar. That said, I think it's good that stores let you choose how much sugar you want in your drink. All those calories for nothing.

By the way, do you know what goes into those tapioca pearls? Lots of starch and carbs if you ask me... May be better off not adding them ^^ But... That's the fun of bubble tea, so I guess once in a while is fine.

Heard that the history of bubble tea is pretty interesting. People told the guy who invented it that his idea was crazy XD


Your concept of healthy food is very appealing, simple cooking with fresh ingredients. Basically: don't mess too much with the food if it's good stuff. That's why processed foods are usually not good for you. They contain things that people would not usually eat alone. (Like how hotdogs sometimes contain ground-up animal parts) ew...

Also, you share my love for snacking :D I woud suggest fruit next time instead of beef jerky or pocky. Then you would get your daily serving of fruit :)

And the stall at the right most of the canteen sells pretty good fruit juices too :)

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